Thursday, July 28, 2011


We had so much fun at the WOT County Fair last week. Last year my friend, Angie, told me about an opportunity to earn money by entering items into the fair. Angie's kids have entered for many years and won several ribbons. We decided to give it a try, and the kids and I all entered some of our hard work into the Open Exhibition where they give ribbons and awards to the first, second, and third place in each category. The kids entered several of their artwork pieces as well as woodwork, legos, and sewing (Gretchen). For the first time ever, I entered some of the crochet pieces I have done as well as fresh vegetables from my garden. I also entered two of the preserves I have made this summer: pickled sweet beets and rhubarb jelly. We were so surprised by the results!

Wednesday was the official day to enter all your items. It was SO hot that day (about 95 degrees and humid). The lady at the counter who received our items told me I did not enter some of my vegetables correctly. For example, for yellow beans, you must have 10 beans to display, and I had only 5 beans. I decided to go home and return later with the correct number of vegetables and the proper way to display. I had to cut off the green tops of the onions and the greens off the beets. After some more work, we returned, and all was entered. If I ever enter again, I will know a little better how things need to be done, and I will remember to bring plates to display them on! (I forgot this year and had to borrow from the fair ladies).

Here are the results from the items we won ribbons on. Gretchen and Peter John were in the same category for age. Lizzy and Amy were in another category together for age (up to age 7):
Gretchen -
blue, apron sewing
blue, Father's Day poem
blue, watercolor
red, colored pencil drawing
white, Sacajawea poster

Peter John -
blue, woodwork
blue, pencil drawing
blue, colored pencil drawing
blue, freehand painting

Lizzy -
blue, pen drawing
blue, pencil drawing
blue, finger paint
blue, watercolor
red, crayon drawing
red, marker drawing ladybug poem
white, freehand painting

Amy - She entered only one item and was so proud to receive a red ribbon for her pencil drawing!

Elysia -
blue, crochet baby poncho
blue, crochet infant sweater
blue, crochet baby afghan
blue, fresh beets
blue, canned rhubarb jelly
red, crochet baby booties
red, canned sweet pickled beets
white, beans, yellow
white, crochet baby bonnet
white, white onions

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot Days

We have spent the last two days escaping the hot, humid weather at my mom and dad's air conditioned house. Our friend, Connie, is visiting from Minneapolis, so it has been a great reason to hang out at the Frank's house for an extended period of time. Yesterday the older two kids swam in the river below Mom and Dad's house along with their friend from next door. The two little girls swam on the deck in Grandma and Grandpa's kiddy pool. Perfect! Peter John was also obsessed with trying out his new pellet gun. I think Ethan started the obsession because for the past month he has been "hunting varmints" with his shotgun out at my folk's house. Peter John bought a pellet gun the other day, so he has been enjoying target shooting and trying to get pesky 13-lined ground squirrels. Ethan's persistence paid off. Tonight he shot two rabbits in one blow, which we got a picture of tonight. It has been an enjoyable weekend playing games of Scrabble with my mom and Connie, and doing crocheting with the ladies while Granny was knitting in her chair. Great summer fun!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Being with friends who love Jesus and the ministry is always refreshing. Kirk and Mindy Crager, along with their four children, Eva, Sam, Ben, and Annaliese, have begun traveling throughout America to get the word out about their ministry in England. These wonderful servants of Christ have been serving as missionaries in Europe for ten years now. What a blessing they are to the Church and to the world.

We spent two days with the Cragers as they are on their way from Idaho to Chicago. My sister, Anna, is also friends with them so I have a few pictures of Anna included in these photos. Please pray for these dear friends as they will be traveling for a few weeks with four kids. It will be a great blessing, but is always challenging along the way.

Mindy Crager, Anna Everett, and Elysia

Bridgeway Church in Stockport, England (a bureau in Manchester).

More information on the Cragers:

Support Kirk and Mindy Crager and the costs of running a ministry in England at Great Commission Ministries. Type in "Kirk Crager" to be directed to their giving site.