Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Storm

There is so much consolation in the thought that though we suffer in this life and face storms of many kinds, Jesus can sympathize with us because of the vast amount of suffering He experienced at the cross. Dr. Timothy Keller expounds on this thought in His free online sermon entitled "Jesus At His Father's Feast" about Jesus' discussion with the elders at the temple at age 12.

Keller says:

That’s why you should trust Him, because He absolutely loves and is totally committed to serving the people He confuses, His parents. But how much more is that a reflection of Him totally, totally dedicated to loving and serving us, who He often confuses.

When a storm comes up, don’t say, “Oh Lord Jesus, why are you letting me go through this storm? Don’t you care that I perish? Instead say, “Jesus, you bowed your head into a far worse storm than this, the storm of eternal justice, and you didn’t abandon me in that storm but you stayed in that storm for me. So, if you didn’t abandon me in that storm, you’re not going to abandon me in this storm. I don’t know why you are letting me go through it, but I know that you are committed to me, just like you were committed to your parents. You didn’t have to do it, it was voluntary, but you did it.”

-Dr. Timothy Keller in the sermon “Jesus at His Father’s Feast,” Dec. 25, 2005, Luke 2:41-52.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blessed In Chad

Scenes from our Women's Retreat with 30 women (including us) attending:

While in N'Djamena - Visits with Friends, Bible Study, and Library Project:

Visiting My MK friends at their school - Wellspring Academy:

Yes, that is a Poinsettia plant grown into a tree behind these two sisters at school.

At the Guest House where we stayed in N'Djamena:

My (Elysia) trip to Chad was blessed indeed. All of us on our team were well the entire time until the last day. I think our defenses were down as our trip winded down. I have been sick upon returning, but since starting on Cipro am feeling a lot better.
The highlight of my trip was the wonderful Christian fellowship I experienced while there. We truly experienced the fellowship of the Spirit with other brothers and sisters in Christ. We saw God's grace and peace upon every aspect of our trip with all the projects we did. I was so grateful for all God did.
My family did very well while I was away with Daddy running the show and my sister helping out too. They were blessed by the meals provided by Christian friends in town while I was away.