Tuesday, July 26, 2016



by Elysia Larson
A poem for Ethan Larson on the occasion of his 49th birthday
Big Springs, Island Park, Idaho

Loving God, You formed this man,
     Chosen, steadfast heart;
Created through You, for You,
     A life set apart.

We don't go looking for God
     You came down to us;
Complete in Him, Head of all,
     Making Christ our trust.

Gripped on the mountain alone,
     Lewis book in hand,
Your glory, truth, purpose first,
     Creator 'fore land.

"Two things, my son, last in life:
     Word of God and man,"
His mother spoke.  O what joy!
     A clear purpose, plan.

Steadfast heart, redeemed, chosen,
     Appointed to bear,
Holy fruit that will remain.
     Help him persevere.

O Lord, You are our Father;
     You made him Your clay.
You are the Potter, forming
     This man till that Day.

Glory, Savior comes again
     Speaking to His clay,
"Well done, my good, steadfast heart.
     Enter into joy."

-Amen. Come Lord Jesus.
Love to Ethan,