Thursday, July 10, 2014

Birthday Poems

I loved these poems my girls wrote me for my birthday:

By Amy, age 6
A mom is a mom
But you are the Best.
Happy B-day.

By Lizzy, age 8
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You are my mom
And I love you.

By Gretchen, age 13
Our mom is a woman of highest degree.
She makes us hot chocolate,
She makes us hot tea.
She washes our dishes and keeps our room clean,
We think she's awesome,
She's also quite keen.

From cooking our lunches and making our beds,
Sometimes she never bothers to rest.
Sweeping and scrubbing and sweating.
Oh Dear!
She gives us a bath till the water runs clear.

Mother's hard-working, and very smart,
She can even boast a degree in art!
Like a mother deer takes care of her kids,
She also likes to bring us on trips!

Oh what a handful we are, I admit,
We still love her when in corners we sit.
I hope that you have a day that's just gay,
For now, we send you our love and a happy birthday!