Tuesday, April 9, 2013


  • Little dots and lines appeared on our computer screen as Gretchen was writing her science report. This was traumatic for an eleven-year-old who had been writing her paper for a month already!  A few weeks ago our computer crashed, so this update will be bare bones with no pictures. Fortunately Ethan often backs up our computer on an external hard drive, so all our files and photos were not lost!
  • Liberia, West Africa is the next destination for teaching and raising up leaders. Ethan will be teaching with a team from Training Leaders International at a Christian College in Liberia  April 18-28.  Last week he got all of his vaccinations completed and sent in his visa application. Now he is preparing his Systematic Theology class and studying hard.
  • Our church is remodeling a building downtown, so Ethan has been actively involved in that as a deacon of the church. this is the fourth time he has helped a church plan, order, and set up a sound system and speakers. What a niche! His gift has certainly been used to serve the Lord, though.
  • Easter was great and we are SO grateful to know JESUS CHRIST, our RISEN LORD! I did manage to sew some dresses for the girls out of some wonderful old patterns that were given to me. It was exciting to help Gretchen sew her own skirt for the first time ever. She did most of the basic sewing and I finished up all the tricky parts and handwork. I wish I could show a picture here, but it will have to wait.
  • Gretchen turned twelve on Saturday, and we bought her a guinea pig with peachy colored and white fur. She named him Mr. Peaches McGillicuddy. This animal has been so much fun so far and has kept the kids so occupied that they have no time to fight! A blessing indeed.
  • School of Choice had their open house last week, and there was no lack of projects and writing displayed. Peter had built a wonderful model of Mount Everest with his dad for his project on the Himalayan Mountains. They built it out of cardboard and paper mâché, and it included the route that Hillary and Norgay took in 1953.
  • I am still busy homeschooling, doing some periodic childcare, and teaching music lessons every week (piano and guitar). We have only a month and a half  left of school. how are we going to finish our math???