Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mission Trip Preview

Today we sent out our prayer support letters for Ethan's upcoming mission trip to Kenya and Ukraine. Here are the details, all tentative of course, and all dependent upon God's leading and perfect will:
Nairobi, Kenya July 16-27 trip teaching with Training Leaders International
Ethan will be joining a small group who will take turns teaching Biblical Theology at a Bible College and teaching pastors and evangelists in the slums of Nairobi. He will also have the opportunity to preach one Sunday while he is there. Ethan's group will be led by Darren Carlson who is the director of TLI.
Prayer Requests for this trip include:
  • God's guidance as the men prepare to teach
  • Health as they travel
  • The Holy Spirit to lead their encounters in Africa
  • Financial provision
Ukraine July 27-August 7 trip encouraging the church in Priluki through teaching, service, and Christian fellowship/discipleship. Also to visit and bless the missionaries and churches which we are acquainted with in whatever way would serve them best, whether through teaching, service, or fellowship.
Prayer Requests for Ukraine trip:
  • God's guidance in planning this trip
  • Healthy physical body after traveling in Kenya
  • Renewed friendships
  • Holy Spirit encounters
We would also appreciate your prayers for the kids and me while we are at home during Ethan's trip. I am extremely supportive of this mission, and wholeheartedly want to serve the Lord by caring for our kids while Ethan is away. God will give us strength, and I pray Jesus will be glorified. So, if you are worried about me, don't! Just pray!

One of the items Ethan mentioned in the letter is the opportunity to donate to this mission endeavor. If you are interested in finding out how to donate ONLINE, you may do so by visiting the Training Leaders International and by going to the Support The Cause page. Click on "Donate Now" to proceed to the online donation page. It is important that you indicate your donation is for Ethan Larson's mission trip in the "Special Instructions" part of the form. If you do not take this step, your donation will go to support TLI as an organization rather than to Ethan's trip specifically.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Excellent (Grace-Filled) Teaching on Parenting

We have benefited from the teaching at Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Bloomington, MN. Ethan and I have recently listened to a Parenting Seminar series by two of their pastors. The messages have brought me to tears, but have been exactly what I needed at the time, reminding me of the need for more grace from my Lord and Savior. The greatest help for me is in understanding God-given authority of mothers and fathers. For too many years, I exercised my authority as a parent with fear. The pastors have gleaned from the teaching of Tedd Tripp in "Shepherding a Child's Heart" as well as from J.C. Ryle, John Calvin, Paul David Tripp, and Lou Priolo.
Here is the website to listen to the sermons from 2010 online:
Look for the following sermons:
Parenting In Weakness by Dave Harvey (guest), January 17, 2010
Parenting Seminar: Rooted in Gospel by Rick Gamache, January 30, 2010
Parenting Seminar: Rooted in Purpose by Steve Bice, January 30, 2010
Parenting Seminar: To Nourish, Discipline, and Instruct by Rick Gamache, March 27, 2010
Parenting Seminar: Faithful Correction by Steve Bice, March 27, 2010

Praise the Lord for these resources!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peter Rabbit and More Growth

Here's a recent gardening update, Kirsten!
Before I took this picture a few weeks ago I noticed our radish leaves had been attacked by a little creature better known as Peter Rabbit. In order to evade his tricky advances we secured the area with a short fence, thanks to Ethan, who sacrificed his Sabbath to save the plants.

Here is Ethan and Peter John hard at work:

I have been very pleased with the progress of the rhubarb and took our first two pickings these past two weeks. You can see the rhubarb behind Peter John in the picture above. The kids have been enjoying the beautiful spring; the green grass and beautiful flowers that are popping up everywhere. Our carrots began to grow, and I am excited to put cucumber and bean seeds into the ground this week. Here is our little greenhouse rack of flowers, tomatoes, and peppers:

Here is a picture I took today of the lettuces and onions. I can almost taste that fresh salad and Mexican food we'll be able to enjoy soon!