Saturday, June 10, 2017

Middle Love

Middle Love
{a poem by Elysia}

A cord stretches through the trees
Into the past places we walked
In the beginning the strands
Flipped and wrapped and we talked

Of dreams, desires, blessings, and faith
The thickest strand binding, making one
Pulling us tightly and compelling
Forward on the Way of the Blessed Son

Into the woods, colors, depth, mystery
Singing scarlet tanager and soaring hawk
Never broken our strands held firm
Though weakened strands, and imps did mock

Accusing, tempting, our fleshly strands
Loosened, frayed, resisted the other
Our rocky path, gravity pulled
Tumbling, grasping for wind and one another

Till we looked not at the fall but
Thick, faithful, forward strand loving
Valiantly defending, shielding the foe
We would quickly fray, our flesh shoving

Away the strands, till we drooped down
Dragging the path, our movement caught
In the sharpened limestone, cobwebs, dust
Oh Valiant One, we are Yours, bought

By the King whose blood covered all our sin
Loosened by design that we might cling, Oh save!
Lead us not into temptation
Oh deliver us from evil, Brave

Immediately the cord is taut
The purpose clear, no doubt, not one
Through our God we shall do valiantly
Forward on the Way of the Blessed Son

The blanket of shame removed, healed
Loose, frayed ends wrapped by one another
Cruel words and anger put away
Replaced by love, pulled by another

Set your minds on things above
Not on the sharpened limestone rocks
Forward onto the path of the Son
Be sanctified, bound together, One

A cord stretches through the trees
Where Christ is seated at the Right Hand
Into the appointed places we tread
Pulling us forward by His valiant strand.