Friday, October 28, 2016

Hymn of the Week: All Your Works Are Good

All Your Works Are Good (Psalm 104) by Sandra McCracken

Here is a modern hymn for y'all:

All Your Works Are Good
Written by Sandra McCracken, Jill Phillips and Julie Lee
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The moon it marks the seasons The sun knows when to go down The ocean holds its creatures The river knows its bounds
The birds, the trees, the cattle And all things great and small We find our place in creation Your hand sustains it all
All your works are good
All your works are good
From everlasting, to everlasting All your works are good

He makes the clouds his chariot He wraps himself in light
He stretches out the heavens, like a tent across the sky

He knows our every burden When darkness veils our eyes He comes with spring returning, Bringing death to life (Chorus)
As we labor until evening There’s a message on the wind Be still and know your maker Be satisfied in Him (Chorus) 

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